Thursday, August 9, 2012


Yup.  That's the title.  "Post."  Why?  Because if fucks could fly, I wouldn't give any of them.  I really should stop swearing.  It's just funny.  It makes me laugh.  It also pisses off my aunts.  And my grandma is a Facebook friend. 
Oops.  Sorry, Grandma...
This is not a car related post, or about games or social commentary.  It's not really about anything actually.  It's just a post. 
I just spent quite a while watching a gnat.  I don't like to kill bugs.  They have such a short existence that cutting their short existence short seems a bit shortsighted.  Not really shortsighted, that just matched the pattern I was running with there. 
Speaking of sight, the eye is a crazy thing.  And there are so many different evolutions of the eye.  The complex eye with rods and cones and all that shit (sorry grandma) is more complex than a carburetor.
Speaking of carburetors, they're not as awesome as stinky old farmers make them out to be.  Frankly I have no idea how people who can hardly spell can even start to tune a carburetor.  We need to get those guys to start building robots.
This whole Chic-Fil-A thing is forbledeebul.  Yup forbledeebul.  It makes me sad that something like a disagreement can cause so much ruckus.  I just want everyone to get along and be happy Goddammit! (sorry grandma.)
That said, I believe God exists.  I don't know what He's like or what he does, but I think He is up there.  Up being relative of course.  You want to know why?  First, because we are selfish beings driven by selfish desires and instincts.  Christians would call this "human nature."  I hesitate to call myself a "Christian," as I find current Christian doctrine to be outdated in a lot of ways.  That said, there are Christians who believe as I do, and there are a lot of genuinely great people out there who do call themselves Christians. 
But back to my point.  Yeah I did have a point.  Because humans are so self centered and selfish, there is no reason whatsoever for love and beauty to exist.  Blah blah blah construct for self preservation through procreation blah blah blah.  No.  I'm not talking about sex drive.  I'm talking about love.  And don't say that it's a societal construct either.  You know what makes up 100% of society?  People.  So shut it.  What reason do you actually have to LOVE anyone?  For what reason do we look at a Colorado fall sunset and think "Jesus, that is beautiful."?  (Jesus says "OMG thanks!") There is no scientific reason or need that can be quantified by the existence of love and beauty.  Love, in fact, goes against human nature and instinct.  If you love someone, you are setting yourself up to get hurt at one point or another.
That's what love is all about though.  Despite what the other person does, you give them a piece of your heart.
Whoops.  Sorry for the sappy rant there.
Sap.  It's tough to get off cars. 
So are eggs.


RedChocobo said...

Awesome post. I'm totally feeling the same way except the love in my life is the only thing working. Everything else is shit. (Sorry Pheezy's Grandma).

Topheezy said...

At the moment, the love in my life is utterly broken. I would rather have everything else in my life be crap and have the love in my life work right now.

Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with cereal!!!!


LUVFORDGT40 said...

Sometimes, a smile kills.

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