Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I said to myself this weekend that I was going to start writing here again, but to do that I needed to face what caused me to not want to write here anymore.  Part of it was that I didn't have the urge to write anymore.  I guess it was the wrong mindset or I was just in a bad part of my life or whatever but I've decided to change that.  I want people to read my junk again, which also meant that I needed to face what made people decide to stop reading the blog. 

Part of that was that I think my writing just wasn't that interesting to people.  I kept writing about video games and I don't think people found that topic particularly popular.  But additionally, I think too much of the focus of the blog was on the character of RedChocobo.  Sure, RedChocobo is what brought so many people to the blog initially because he was popular.  But when he decided to blow up and be a little drama queen, it hurt traffic to the blog.  But RedChocobo is in a good place right now.  He can troll as much as he wants however he wants with no expectations.  So that leaves myself in a good place to write freely about cars.

So here I am, Matthew Berg, to write about whatever.  You can expect a redesign during a week and possibly even a new name after I've had some time to talk it over with my partner in crime, Topheezy.  What you can not expect this time will be guess blogs and other such.  I want to get back to what this blog began as and what it was meant to be.  Kinda...

So upcoming later today: Why I hate direct injection turbo!


Korean Cowboy said...
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Jessie Louthan said...

What will RCT be all about? Are the original contributors welcomed back? Will this be a primarily car blog? Eggs?

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