Saturday, December 22, 2012


I recently read a post of mine that I wrote a couple months ago.  It made me laugh.  Oh how things can change in a few months.
It made me sad though, too.  Not the post itself, but the fact that I haven't blogged here in a really long time.
Today is my Saturday to work.  And by "work," I mean stand at the desk and make sure it doesn't float to the ceiling.  It has a tendency to do that.  It's a problem.
To keep myself occupied, I often look for parts and accessories for my car, as any self respecting car guy would do.  Into the search bar, I typed, "2004 Honda Accord Coupe V6 6-Speed."  To my surprise, my own review of my car was the 8th result on the list.  A few days ago, I searched for "2004 Honda Accord Coupe V6 performance," and my review was on the first page.  I don't remember what place it was in.
This made me realize that we really have something good with this blog.  We have got some great writers, and some genuinely good material.  Some of the shit we post is laugh-out-loud hilarious too.
So this is a follow-up to "Post;" a random assortment of the many tangential vectors of thought that continually bounce around in my head like a blaster bolt in a magnetically sealed Death Star garbage masher.
How the hell did a Dianoga get into the garbage masher on a large, spherical space station anyway?
In the last "Post," I was dealing with problems with my then girlfriend.  Thank God that is over.  Whew.  I seem to write better when I'm angry, though.
That said, what a difference a few months makes!  Though situations in my life haven't changed much, I don't ever remember being this happy and content.  And right about the time I started feeling better, an amazing woman came out of fkn nowhere and knocked me head over heels.
But that's enough sap.  Shouldn't that figure of speech be "heels over head"?  I mean I'm sitting down right now, and my head is definitely over my heels.
Ok who am I kidding?  A large portion of the reason I made this post was to brag about the fact that I have a hot new girlfriend.  And the beauty of it is that I was not expecting it to happen like this.  I was finally starting to find peace and contentment in life on my own, and she came along.  Then my life hit VTEC.  Now it's OVER 9000!!!!


Jessie Louthan said...

That's awesome dood, congrats on the new gf.

Yeah, we had something really good here, but I think that most of the guys wanted to write about cars, and y'all wanted it to be more than just that. In what direction do you think that you want to take this blog in?

Topheezy said...

Well I would like this blog to continue the way it is. This blog is about a great number of things and I like that about it. This may alienate some readers but frankly, this blog is for us.

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