Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hyundai is Building a Veyron Killer!

Concept image of Hyundai's new Veyron Killer.

A new Hyundai concept car climbs ever high up the ladder of expensive vehicles.  However, it is not a Lexus, Infiniti, Mercedes or even a BMW that Hyundai plans to compete with.  This time Hyundai plans to build a comparable vehicle to none other then the Bugatti Veyron.  Hyundai execs announced that the company has begun development on a two seat sports car that will have no less then 1000 horsepower, have All Wheel Drive, have a top speed over 250 miles per hour and cost less then the $1 million plus cost of the Veyron.  Hyundai had no sketches or actual equipment to show us but power is planned to come from a 16-cylinder engine developed by Hyundai and the body is expected to possibly resemble the Genesis Coupe but be built on a 'completely unique and all new platform'.
An artist’s rendering has been captured of Hyundai's concept Veyron killer (see below).  Sporting looks relatively similar to the Veyron, it seems that Hyundai is taking their usual 'Music Industry' approach to design and expanding on the winning formula developed by Bugatti.  Further details on the engine from Hyundai execs show the concept using an unspecified displacement 16-cylinder engine that has 6 turbochargers and at this time is churning out 1600 horsepower.  Hyundai expects the concept to be very close to the expected production version.  Hyundai has also released a name for this concept: skrrkkkll.  The name is meant to 'make the consumer think' about what they are looking for in a madly stupefying vehicle.  When asked for comment, Volkswagen head Ferdinand Piech asked us to follow him into the restroom where he promptly pooped into the toilet nearly cracking the porcelain.  We continue to wait with baited breath for more details on this thrilling concept from Hyundai.
I want it to be known that I am FIRST to break this massive story.  My source is legitimate!  My brother's friend's cousin's sister's dog's brother's mother's father's aunt's uncle's neighbor's cat's hamster's egg's brother's chicken's mother's grandfather's aunt's friend said that this is completely legit.

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