Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hey, Imma Write Some Stuff

It's been a while since I've written something here, so I'm just gonna write something.  Let me tell you, I will be as surprised by how this post ends as you are.

First of all, girls suck.  You spend five years with a girl, and suddenly, she decides you're old hat.  But I won't bore you with that sob story.  Just know, that as much as girls say that they want commitment and a guy who does sweet things for them, they are flakier than a pastry in the continental breakfast at a nice hotel.

Is anyone else tired of hearing about the election?  I mean really?  Is Romney going to make this country do a 180?  No.  Is Obama?  No.  Why?  Because the president doesn't run the country, congress does.  And congress is made up of rich guys who frankly don't give a flying rat shit about you or your bank account.

Speaking of politics, do you really think your vote counts?  in 2000, the popular vote went to Al Gore (for some dumb reason).  But Bush was our president.  Why?  Because the Electoral College saw your votes and thought, "lol wut?" and just elected Bush because fuck you.

I can hardly read articles on cars online anymore.  In a recent review of the new Ram 1500 with the Pentastar, the author wrote, "Describing the changes to the 2013 Ram as merely a face-lift is like saying that country music is popular in Texas.  The full-size pickup truck has been significantly tweaked, even if the sheet metal looks quite similar to the outgoing model."  Really?  This is what people are getting paid to write?  I am, by no means, a world class writer, but if writing was my job, I certainly wouldn't turn in something with a misused and weak metaphor. 

Supliment:  Thank you, Google Blogger, for whiting out half of my last paragraph because I copied and pasted it from another site.  I could bad mouth said site, but I won't do that, though they have been known to publish crap.

Enough about politics and complaining, though, let's talk cars.  There seems to be three different approaches to the midsize segment.  There're those who continue to make big sedans with big V6s, others make big cars with turbocharged four cylinder engines, and the stragglers who make smaller sedans with naturally aspirated fours.  Let's talk about the stragglers.  I am a big fan of the original Acura TSX.  It was light and tossable, it loved to rev, and it was a manageable size.  It should have been the Honda Accord, but that is another discussion for another time.  While the other two approaches yield more horsepower, none of the upcoming midsizers will be able to hold a candle to the driving experience of the new Mazda6. This is a car built by a company who has specifically said that they tuned the steering for feedback and quick recentering of the wheel. If they are putting time and effort tuning the recentering of the wheel, they are building a car with a purpose. Toyota seems to continue accidentally building the Camry, just taking the same formula and putting it through the replicator over and over again. Mazda is clearly trying with the new 6. The greatest thing about it, is that Mazda is not trying to build a Mazda Camry. The last 6 was arguably the most Camry like of all the 6s. And it flopped. Sure, the last gen 6 will remain the fastest 6, but the new car will be the purest driving experience in the midsize segment. I can't wait. Every response will feel as if the car is an extension of the driver. It will dive into corners with wreckless abandon, gripping until you let off the throttle, putting it into a controlled slide. The wheel will hum with an electric energy, begging you to clip that next apex. The little Skyactiv 4 cylinder will growl with a gristly rage. The shifter will shudder on startup, just so you know it's actually connected to something mechanical. Will the new 6 break? Hell yeah. It's a Mazda. Japanese Alfa Romeo. Will it shove you back in your seat? No, it's less than 200 horse. But who cares! Mazda built it all by themselves! They didn't ask Subaru to build a car for them.

Sorry about your rage. No actually I don't care. I hope you're raging. Hate.


RedChocobo said...

I'm still keeping up hope that the next 6 will have a US market specific engine like the last two generations have had so we aren't stuck with base Accord performance.

But I think it looks awesome and it sounds like they went back to the original formula, or rather they are giving us the formula that they gave everyone else the past few years. The world Mazda 6 for 2009+ was fantastic.

Harvey said...

Conclusions much with the Mazda? I have hopes for it, but meh. And the current TSX isn't a bad car with a manual. I'm surprised how much quicker they made it.

And you want a straggler, the Kizashi... now that's more like a TSX.

Jessie Louthan said...

Did your ex-girlfriend want to get married?

Topheezy said...

Red, I hope they bring the diesel over but I'm not holding my breath. A massively torquey engine like that would do wonders for the 6.

Harvey, yup. Much conclusion. Mark my words, though, reviews of the 6 will read similar to my early conclusions.

Jessie, that question would be better answered in a PM I think.

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